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Q1 What is DIO implant company?

DIO implant is total dental equipment company which provide dental digital equipment and implant manufacturer.
In contrast to other company we don't publish any commercial on new paper and focusing on better product and high technology with that cost.
We export implant to 70 countries that are medical advanced countries including USA, Europe and Japan etc,. and have the largest and the newest production line that lead to produce precise production.

- Development of hybrid type S.L.A surface   implant firstly in domestic market.
(10~15mm length implant is applied rough degree on upper and lower part of implant differently that leads fast recovery and stable osseous integration)
- Development Mg+ injection surface implant
(Implant titanum golden M+ injection increases osteoanagenesis)
- Digital oral scanner or CAD/CAM system speciality development center (nation's 1st and largest)
As the front runner and Leader of dental digital CAD/CAM area it has the largest amount of clinical case record)
- 10 dental university and 250 dental clinic use DIO CAD/CAM system.

* To get more information about DIO implant, please visit to DIO implant website.

Q2 Is it more expensive than general implant surgery?

Between general implant and navigation implant, there is different abutment and tool. Production method is different with analog way.

[General implant surgery]
- Fixture, Abutment
- Diagnosis through 2D Xray or 3D CT
- Production of oral model with rubber impression taking
- Making prosthesis after surgery

[Navigation implant surgery way]
- Fixture, Customized Abutment, Customized surgical guide, Crown
- 3D anatomic reappearance after oral scan
- Designing prosthesis precisely processing with CAD/CA before the surgery.

As the above diagnosis procedure and kind of preparation are different before the surgery. Customized surgical guide and customized abutment are made through high technology processing.
This kind of difference would be more expensive than the general implant surgery and its price depends on oral condition of patient and health condition. Should diagnosis in DIOnavi. dental clinic.

Q3 Is it less painful than other implant surgery?

Because navigation implant surgery is minimal incision, it is less painful than other implant surgery which incise all part of gingival.
General implant surgery is done as its bone is exposed by incising gingival even adjacent teeth to check the bone of surgery part.
After surgery suture is done on the part of surgery so it causes swelling and pain during the recovery.
Navigation implant surgery doesn't need to incise wide part because bone condition and nerve position can be checked through 3D CT photo.
If the incision should be done, suture process is omitted after making hole a little so it doesn't cause pain much.

Q4 Should DIOnavi navigation surgery be done with DIO implant?

DIOnavi navigation surgery is optimized to DIO implant.
On the stage of simulation surgery DIOnavi is planned with DIO implant size exactly so it is not possible to surgery with other company's implant system. If other company's implant is failed, we can not be assured the surgery result.

DIO implant is the only implant that different processing is treated on the upper part and lower part differently and is made for prevention periimplantitis and fast osseous integration.
DIOnavi navigation implant is optimal surface processing which is main factor for successful surgery.

Q5 Why should we choose DIOnavi. among the other navigation implant system?
The success of navigation implant surgery is up to thorough surgery planning and how fit customized surgical guide is in patient's oral.
Because small hole in surgical guide determines implant placement angle and path, design and produce of surgical guide are so important.
DIOnavi. navigation implant is the lowest error range system in the world and it is the only navigation system of 5th full digitalized generation merging CBCT scan data and oral scan data information.
In contrast with other company, DIOnavi can be made with top-down way considering the balance of teeth so it is possible to make natural teeth alike onw teeth and prosthesis.
This lessens damage and failure of implant and prolongs implant lifespan by lowering implant fatigue rate.
Q6 Is there any dental clinic of navigation surgery?

Thorough beforehand diagnosis is crucial for navigation implant surgery.
Through 3D image, comparative anatomical diagnosis and patient oral condition like osseous tissue thickness and nerve position are needed to check and the newest technology should be equipped.
In a hospital which equips 3D CT and oral scanner, navigation implant surgery can be done. You can find the dental clinic to find DIOnavi surgery clinic on DIOnavi. website.

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