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  • 리스트 이미지01 Edentulous & immediate loading case considering final prosthesis overbite Predictability is important for recent implant surgery. 2015-07-22
  • 리스트 이미지01 Flapless implant placement through the advanced planning and modification of bite plane Reconstruction case of overall bite plane with implant is not easy even to the experienced implant surgeon. 2015-07-22
  • 리스트 이미지01 Implant placement in edentulous mandible considering over-denture. This edentulous mandible case was reviewed and planned with implant placement on numbers 33, 34, 43, 44 with over-denture. 2015-07-22
  • 리스트 이미지01 Overcome the limitation of maxillary anterior placement through the plan I think the best strong point of dio navi. is power of diagnosis. The biggest worry is that we don’t know the exact direction, depth and length during the implant placement surgery. 2015-07-21
  • 리스트 이미지01 Immediate implant placement after extraction with minimal incision and.. Immediate implant placement after extraction with minimal incision and bone grafting 2015-07-21
  • 리스트 이미지01 Edentulous Maxillary Sinus Lift and Implant Surgery In case of edentulous, with recent new updates, previous issue with any unwanted movement of surgical guide has been solved with the use of "Surgical Guide Fix Pin" and "Surgical Guide Fix". 2015-07-21